Delivery… the smart way

Move from the old way to the smart way with a digital solution purpose-built to serve all of your logistical needs. Avoid order chaos, high delivery fees, stressed staff, long delivery times and take control of your logistical operations.


Deliver Smart

Move from the old way to the WIYAK way with a digital solution purpose-built to serve all of your logistical needs. Avoid order chaos, high delivery fees, stressed staff, long delivery times and take control of your logistical operations.


All Your Logistics, One Seamless Platform

On demand & Scheduled Ordering

Optimize your delivery process with WIYAK; offering immediate, scheduled, orsubscription based dispatch options. Whatever your timing needs, we provide the flexibility and reliability to ensureyour orders are managed efficiently.

Fleet Accessibility

Our professional drivers and a range of vehicles, from bikes to refrigerated vans, ensure we're equipped to meet all your delivery needs with efficiency.

Live Tracking

Monitor each delivery's progress and share status updates with customers at every step, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for all parties involved.


Our approach is centered on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each business. We work with large enterprises and offer a comprehensive transportation solutions.

Access WIYAK's digital platform and fleet at competitive prices.

With WIYAK; it’s all about efficiency, profit, and most of all… happy customers. Here’s how we do it with you the WIYAK way!
Transition away from inconsistency in delivery systems
Reduce high delivery fees and extended wait times
Minimize order errors and food wastage
Reorganize your operations on one efficient platform
Reduce stress with an organized ticket and order system
Enjoy faster delivery with reduced overhead
Depend less on external delivery platforms
Benefit from an integrated digital store system
Ensure accuracy with every order processed

Experience the Efficiency of WIYAK Delivery!

Elevate your business logistics with WIYAK Delivery, the smart choice for managing your deliveries seamlessly. Our B2B service combines speed, reliability, and innovative tracking, ensuring your operations run smoothly and your clients remain satisfied.

Seamless Onboarding Process

Just set your location, input contact and account information, define your operating hours, and you're all set. WIYAK makes it straightforward to get your business up and running with efficient delivery services.

Analytics & Data

Consolidate all customer data in one place using WIYAK's intuitive dashboard. It simplifies access to vital, actionable insights, aiding in smarter, data driven decisions for your business.

Around The Clock Service

WIYAK ensures your business and customers enjoy a superior delivery experience, with our team ready to assist around the clock.

Peak Demand Support

Even with your own delivery team, WIYAK is here to enhance your capabilities during peak periods. Our fleet stands ready to support yours, ensuring seamless service no matter the demand.

PACI & Google Maps Integration

WIYAK integrates PACI and Google Maps to ensure our drivers reach the exact delivery locations, guaranteeing on time deliveries every time. This precision helps us maintain our commitment to punctuality and reliability in every order.

WIYAK Delivery: Your Delivery Partner

Small or large, physical or digital we have a solution for you

Bricks & Mortar to Door

Utilize WIYAK's flexible pay as you go model to seamlessly ship orders from your physical location directly to your customers. This approach ensures your products move efficiently to your consumer's hands.


Offer your customers the luxury of express delivery with WIYAK's flexible pay as you go service. This approach allows you to provide swift shipping times, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty without the need for pre paid delivery contracts.

Restaurants & Grocers

WIYAK ensures your food reaches customers quickly and safely, preserving its freshness with our insulated boxes designed for both hot and cold items.

Subscription Boxes

With WIYAK's reliable recurring order service, you can set up and forget about your delivery worries. We handle your regular shipments with precision, ensuring your subscription boxes reach your customers consistently.

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