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Curious about Kuwait’s unexplored spots? Join us on a journey of discovery with WIYAK, your leading limousine and taxi service. Whether you’re visiting for pleasure or business, or simply commuting across the city, WIYAK is your dependable partner for efficient and comfortable trips.


What can you expect? Kuwait has a rich cultural heritage, a compelling history, and a variety of landscapes. From the dynamic urban towers of Kuwait City to the peaceful stretches along the Arabian Gulf, WIYAK provides easy access to these diverse attractions.


Seeking a hassle-free trips and journey solution? WIYAK app makes booking your airport transfers, limousine services, or taxi rides easy and smooth. Select your destination, choose your preferred vehicle, and relax as we ensure your journey is seamless and tailored to your needs.


Is safety a priority for you? With WIYAK, it certainly is. Our fleet is precisely maintained and our safety protocols, including GPS tracking and driver screening, are designed to give you peace of mind during your journeys.


Ready to go around Kuwait with assurance? WIYAK is here to facilitate your trips for you, whether you’re heading to a business meeting, shopping at the mall, or going on a scenic tour. Experience Kuwait differently with WIYAK, your choice for reliable and enjoyable transportation.


Why not begin your Kuwait journey today with WIYAK? Discover why we are the preferred option for easiness, enriching travel experiences. Each trip with WIYAK is an opportunity to create new stories, and we’re excited to be part of yours.

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March 20th 2023

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